Russian hacker masterclass revealed

Interesting to read about a series of hacker masterclasses being run in Russia by an expert called Ilya Vasilyev, with students being given the IT expert equivalent of black belts in the form of status bracelets.

According to newswire reports, Vasilyev - who seems familiar to me for some reason - teaches everything from assembly language and networking through to cracking programs and virus creation.

As part of the course, students are also taught hacker ethics and computer responsibility issues.

Incredibly, the Russian IT supremo doesn't even officially charge for his instruction, though the school reportedly survives on donations from students who have considerably more money than he does.

In the last ten years, only a few students have made it all the way to a red bracelet, the highest level short of black, or master.

"Hacking is not only martial arts, an art of destruction," Vasilyev says. "It is also the art of building beautiful programs."

Nice one!...