Ultra Mobile Devices market to evolve dramatically

The ultra mobile device market, initially defined by the ultra mobile PC, is evolving to become a family of devices that will compose the “ultra mobile device (UMD) paradigm,” reports In-Stat.

One ultra mobile device will not be able to meet all of the different UMD usages/applications, the high-tech market research firm says. Three key features differentiate UMDs from products like PDAs and smart phones.

First, UMDs must run a full operating system. Second, they must run any application as originally developed and compiled for PCs or notebooks. Third, UMDs must run full web pages unmodified (including flash and java applets) to provide complete Internet experiences.

“The new paradigm also requires specific market inflection points in the mass availability of anytime/anywhere wireless communications, as well as new business models for application programs for widespread adoption,” says Ian Lao, In-Stat analyst. “Many of these requirements are already in the late stages of development or roll-out.”

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

* The UMD worldwide forecast is for more than 8 million units in 2011.

* 2008-2010 will be key years for the development of a market inflection point of anytime/anywhere wireless connectivity that is necessary for widespread adoption of the UMD paradigm.