IT Changes, IT Stays the Same

Because of these considerations, IT professionals should understand the challenges associated with implementing KVM, as well as the differences between “high- density” and “distributed KVM” in order to select the best technology solution for their environment.

Today’s IT professionals continue to be challenged by unrelenting changes in the enterprise: explosive data growth, more compliance regulations, increased application complexity, geographic distribution of assets, and expanding SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with tighter MTTR (Mean Time To Recovery) requirements, just to name a few.

Business continuity is the critical requirement for companies of all sizes to remain competitive, with 24/7 application uptime and secure global ‘anytime anywhere’ information access, which is a fundamental operational need that has fallen on the IT team to design, support, maintain and deliver.

The financial and operational repercussions of system downtime continue to be very severe, resulting in reduced employee productivity, regulatory penalties, added costs and large revenue impacts. A 2006 study estimated the combined cost of one hour of downtime cost the average business more than $1 million USD (META Group Gartner 2006).

Additionally, a growing number of business applications are now mission critical, consuming additional IT personnel and budget resources that have not kept pace with changes. Take company e-mail as an example. As much as 75% of a company’s intellectual property is contained in e-mail messages (Source: Enterprise Strategy Group), with IT administrators spending more than 25% of their time managing their e-mail infrastructure alone (Coalition for Networked Information).

With all these changes, some things have remained unchanged. IT departments are still expected to develop strategic and tactical plans that control costs, mitigate operational risk and improve data protection and information availability. Whether an organisation is large or small, maintaining and managing a secure and continuous distributed information infrastructure with limited resources is a challenge every IT professional faces today.