Hackers steal data on 60,000 Norwegians

I was amazed to read that a hacker group has successfully stolen confidential data on more than 60,000 Norwegians, including the head of the agency whose brief it is to safeguard punters' data.

According to Scandinavian newswire reports, a flaw in the Web site of Tele2, the Nordic telco, allow hackers to access 1.3 per cent of the national personal identity numbers and addresses of subscribers.

Reports suggest that the downloaded data could allow the hackers to change the addresses of the people concerned, and so divert their mail to third-party addresses, along with assorted other mischief.

The head of Norway's data protection agency, Georg Apenes, said he was surprised to receive a new SIM for his mobile telephone from an operator to which he had not subscribed.

Tele2, meanwhile, has been told to tighten up the security of its Web site. The Norwegian police are also investigating the hack...