NSA spying on 38 per cent of telecom traffic

Fascinating to read over on the Computer Weekly Web portal that the NSA has secured the legal right to monitor around 38 per cent of the world's voice and data traffic without needing a warrant.

This step is made possible because El Presidente Bush signed the necessary legislation last week. But it also helps that 38 per cent of the world's telecoms traffic either starts or ends up in the US.

The piece made me smile, as any good telecoms fiend knows that Menwith Hill in the UK monitors all US datacomms traffic for the Americans, whilst a similar site in Virginia does the same for all UK datacomms traffic.

This handy little arrangement side-steps any in-country legal nasties as it's the Yanks who are monitoring our traffic and vice versa.

The fact that El Presidente Bush has signed a bit of paper is fooling no-one, but the key element in the new legislation appears to be that the NSA now has the legal right to intercept VOIP traffic without a warrant, which means that it can ask Skype for a block feed of all of its traffic, as and when it wants to.

And you though VOIP was secure against electronic eavesdropping?...