Automatic data recovery solution comes to market

Horizon DataSys, a provider of cost-effective and reliable data protection solutions for corporate desktops and laptops, announced the general availability of RollBack Rx Pro 8.1, a Windows-based data protection and real-time recovery software that allows corporate users to continuously protect their mission-critical data and quickly recover it in case of disasters, regardless of their technical skill levels.

The easy-to-use RollBack Rx software takes only 0.1% of the hard drive and is the ideal solution for organizations in need of a low-cost, real-time data protection and instant recovery solution designed for Windows environments.

“One of the advantages of RollBack Rx is that we can set it on an automatic schedule and it is all invisible to the user,” said Tim Leon, director of Logistics and Fulfillment Operations at Snap-On Business Solutions, and a Horizon DataSys customer. “It gives us a lot of flexibility when dealing with a site. We plan to ship RollBack Rx with every workstation we send to the automotive market space.”

“The ease of use and rich features of RollBack Rx are really impressive,” stated Michael Trover, marketing manager for Trade Show Inventory and Events at Gateway, Inc. “It has instantly increased our IT productivity, by streamlining our PC restoration tasks.”

"For PC users, Rollback Rx should be a prescription for success in recovering from logical problems, whether recovering from an unwanted change, a virus, or a bad product installation," said David G. Hill, principal at the analyst firm The Mesabi Group. "For example, you need to undo a change that you made in a document, but you need the prior version. Rollback Rx enables you to do that and save your day (and maybe your job)."

“Continuous Data Protection (CDP) done at the desktop and laptop level through the easy-to-use RollBack Rx software tool does not require costly and time-consuming implementations,” said Lyle Patel, president of Horizon DataSys. “It also frees up the IT administrators’ time, because corporate users are now dealing with a self-serve software tool that instantly recovers the data without IT department’s intervention. The instant recovery is a vital element for today’s corporations.”

RollBack Rx Pro 8.1 takes snapshots of the hard drive in 1-3 seconds through an innovative technology called “incremental mapping,” and stores up to 60,000 snapshots in less than 0.1% of the hard disk as recoverable system configurations. The snapshots are performed transparently and automatically at a predetermined time – every minute, every day or even every second.

If the system crashes, users can fully restore their PC back to its previous state, without the need of specialized IT skills. If Windows is corrupted or their system can not boot into Windows, since RollBack Rx installs below Windows, it can be accessed prior to the Windows boot-up simply by pressing the “HOME” key. Once users enter into the RollBack Rx sub-console, they can roll-back to any snapshot and recover all data before the system crash.

Rollback Rx Pro comes in an Enterprise version that allows remote management of snapshots and rollbacks through an easy-to-use web interface.