Raritan delivers First Cat5 Analog KVM Switch with Smart Card Reader

Raritan announced the general availability of the first smart card reader solution for a KVM switch. The new Paragon II KVM Smart Card Reader solution is ideal for government, financial and other organizations that want an additional layer of security provided by smart card user authentication technology for accessing IT resources.

Raritan’s solution integrates an SCM Microsystems smart card reader into a newly enhanced user station. The Paragon II KVM switch -- which is widely used by virtually all public and private sectors -- provides anytime, non-blocked access to data center servers and other IT equipment. The new built-in card reader helps enhance an organization’s security approach, increase staff productivity, and reduce administrative costs.

For additional security measures, Raritan’s all-in-one solution does not store or cache card data, requires re-authentication when changing targets, and allows access of servers by only one user at a time.

According to Colin Philben, Information Technology Manager in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Raritan’s Paragon Smart Card Reader solution will help his organization meet U.S. Homeland Security HSPD-12 requirements for accessing government data centers.

“By leveraging our existing Paragon II architecture, a substantial cost savings to the Government will be generated as existing systems are upgraded to comply with the Government’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) requirement. Total cost of ownership savings will be reflected in the support and administrative cost associated with implementing and maintaining the PKI infrastructure on all networks.”