More men fall for scams than the laydees.

Just-published research carried out by Harris Interactive claims to show that, whilst blokes claim to be more well-informed about online scams, more men have fallen victim to them than women.

The Microsoft-sponsored survey also revealed that as many as one in five US adults have been on the receiving end of online scams.

"We found that online men claim to be more informed of online fraud," said Adrienne Hall, senior director of the Trustworthy Computing Group at Microsoft.

"47 per cent of men said they are very knowledgeable or knowledgeable of online scams, compared with only 36 per cent of women," she added.

However, despite claiming to be more knowledgeable, men are more likely than women to be victims of online crime. The survey found that 69 per cent of women claimed they have never been a victim of an Internet scam, compared with just 63 per cent of men.

More importantly, Hall said that the number of unique phishing sites detected by the Anti-Phishing Working Group went up last year by 166 per cent.

In the past year, she explained, Microsoft has witnessed a definite shift in criminal behaviour.

"Online criminals have been focused on finding vulnerabilities or causing mayhem in various ways, and have been motivated by personal interest as a hobby or for notoriety. We are seeing an increasing trend towards stealing people's personal information and money," she explained.

Following the findings, Hall has come up with a new motto for Netters to rememember - think first, click later.

I like that...