Amazon-powered Backup and Archiving Service appears

Digisense, Inc. announced the general availability of its Digisense System, backup and archiving hardware and software, for managed service providers (MSPs) serving small to medium sized business customers (SMBs).

MSPs get a turn-key, remotely managed solution that provides highly secure yet inexpensive offsite storage at Amazon’s S3 data centers with near line appliance-based backup at customer sites.

Delivered as a subscription service, there are no costly equipment purchases, volume commitments or long-term contracts to sign. "Backup and archiving as a service is a great new opportunity for our MSPs," said Charles Weaver, President of the MSP Alliance, an industry group of over 1,700 service providers throughout the world. "It is important for vendors to develop products with the unique needs of MSPs in mind." The Digisense System offers an immediately profitable information management solution for MSPs. Among the key business benefits to the MSP are:

* Turnkey, multi-customer solution

* No need to invest in a data center

* 6 or 12 month contracts

* Recurring monthly customer revenue

* Centralized control over multiple customer sites

* The industry’s lowest online archiving prices

* Platform for data management consulting

"We’re pleased to see Digisense building such a helpful service for small and medium sized businesses," said Steve Rabuchin, Director of Developer Relations for Amazon Web Services. "This is the type of innovation we like to see with Amazon Web Services--Digisense focuses on doing what they do best, which is building technology services for small and medium sized businesses while relying on Amazon S3 to provide rock solid Internet storage under the covers."

The Digisense System is delivered through a turnkey appliance that installs directly in the customer business network. The system provides full backup and archiving capabilities in a multi-tier environment for Microsoft Windows 2003 and Small Business Server customers, as well as desktop clients attached to those servers. Using the system’s anywhere accessible web console, the MSP can schedule, monitor, and control backup, archive, and restore tasks for virtually any system on the business network using Amazon’s state of the art S3 storage services.

A comprehensive metadata catalog tracks data properties, policies and where files are located. Data is protected using strong AES encryption at all times during the backup and archiving process. Data archiving to Amazon’s S3 unlimited storage facility is completely automated.

“MSPs have made significant inroads in delivering security and network management services, while backup and archiving has remained a challenge to them due to up front equipment and data center costs,” said Avery Lyford, CEO of Digisense, Inc. “The Digisense System - sophisticated backup and archiving features, included on site manager, and Amazon S3 for offsite storage—gives MSPs a quick entry into offering their customers backup and archiving services. In essence, Digisense is providing a complete platform for MSPs to price, market and deliver their own data management services.”