Thai government slammed for illegally blocking Web sites

The Thai government, which has effectively been fully militarised since the army took over the country last year, has been publicly slammed for illegally blocking subversive and foreign Web sites.

According to Paiboon Amornpinyokiart, an Internet and IT legal expert, Thailand's controversial Cybercrime Act - which was rushed through by the military-appointed government and took effect on July 19 - does not allow the government to block any Web sites.

Amornpinyokiart says that, even with the new legislation in place, the government can only block a Web site or group of Web sites with a court order.

Tell that to the man with the tank -Ed

He told newspaper reporters earlier this week that the Information and Communications Technology Ministry (ICT) had to first seek court orders if it wanted to block any `undesirable' Web sites.

Interestingly, unconfirmed reports suggest that the army has even gone as far as blocking foreign proxy services which normally allow Netters to by-pass local country blocks on Web sites.

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