Multilayer Organic Packaging set to add another dimension to wireless sector

Jacket Micro Devices, Inc. (JMD), a worldwide supplier of integrated RF modules for high performance wireless products, has received patent approval for new methods of fabricating three-dimensional (3-D) all-organic interconnect structures. These new methods are an extension of JMD’s Multi-Layer Organic (MLO) packaging technologies.

The patent, entitled "Methods for Fabricating Three-Dimensional All-Organic Interconnect Structures" is JMD’s fifth patent related to MLO design and technology.

The patent covers new methods for making 3-D liquid crystal polymer (LCP) interconnect structures using a high-temperature, single-sided LCP and a low-temperature, single-sided LCP, where both are drilled, using a laser or mechanical process, to add a z-axis connection. The addition of z-axis interconnectivity in a homogenous organic material allows for the easy design and implementation of complex 3-D multilayer circuit patterns.

“Developers of front end modules for wireless applications have relied on the same material technologies and processes for more than 25 years,” said George White, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Jacket Micro Devices. “Emerging market demands for applications using MIMO such as WiMAX and 11n WLAN enabled devices are creating a need for new solutions that are both smaller and more functional. JMD’s newly patented process enables a dramatic increase in passive component density by enabling z-axis interconnects in homogenous organic materials.”

White further explains “this patent also allows for any layer via interconnects which makes it the highest component density MLO technology in the world.”