PSP `brick' self-destruct mechanism cracked

I didn't realise it, but there's a kind of self-destruct mechanism built into the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). Basically, if you hack around with the PSP's innards and/or operating system without knowing what you're doing, it seizes up.

PSP experts calling this `bricking your PSP,' and, although it's a safety feature, critics could argue it's also an anti-hacker feature as well.

You can `unbrick' a PSP if you have what they call an engineer's battery, which is actually a battery with some extra electronics, but mere mortals don't normally get access to such devices.

Anyway - here's the good news, if you like modifying your PSP (tee-hee -Ed) a kindly group of hackers has worked out how to turn a bog-standard PSP battery into an engineering one.

The slight downside is that you have to use the modified battery as a spare unit, as it doesn't work normally.

But hey, if your PSP has stopped working cos' you've been a little bit naughty, that's a small price to pay.

Read all about this interesting hack here...