Malicious YouTube spam flooding the Net

Malicious spam containing fake URLs pointing at assorted YouTube videos have started flooding t'Internet in recent days, according to Marshal, the email and Internet content security provider.

According to the Marshal TRACE team, the latest Storm spam campaign uses humorous and/or familiar comments alongside fake YouTube links to lull recipients into believing they have been forwarded a link to a funny or outrageous video.

Examples of the email text include 'dude don't send that stuff to my home email...', 'LMAO, your crazy man,' and 'OMG what are you thinking.'

"To most users the links will appear legitimate, as though they connect directly to the YouTube Web site," said Bradley Anstis, Marshal's director of product management.

"The spammers are using a simple email/HTML authoring trick to make the link appear to go to one place, but it actually goes to a completely different location," he explained.

Incredibly, the campaign is said to have accounted for approximately four to six per cent of all email spam traffic sent over the last two days - roughly equivalent, says Marshal, to the volume of spam sent from the UK or Russia on a given day...