Random Thoughts on KVM-Over-IP

The need for real-time information and online connectivity is at its greatest. With many organisations’ network infrastructure spread across corporate campuses, among cities and around the globe, there is a critical market need for the next-generation KVM over IP solution that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the distributed IT environment.

The distribution of interconnected resources requires a secure IP-based KVM management strategy that guarantees simple, non-invasive, flexible, fault-tolerant, scalable and cost-effective access… from anywhere, at any time.

When considering a KVM over IP solution, organizations with a distributed IT environment should look for solutions that increase network reliability, improve productivity and reduce hardware/software and maintenance costs. For maintaining 100% network uptime, guaranteed non-blocked access to mission-critical servers is a fundamental requirement from a KVM over IP solution. It also delivers a lower cost per remote user.

To further lower total cost of ownership, built-in Ethernet switching technology, server-powered design and a browser-based interface that does not require any special client software are key features. Finally, scalability and flexibility in a “zero-U” form factor for cost-effectively adding additional servers and/or remote users is an important element for consideration in a distributed IT environment.