European kids unlikely to turn to their parents for Net guidance

Now here's something you probably didn't know, but could have guessed - it seems that kids in Europe are becoming a lot more Internet savvy and aware of the problems of the Web.

Despite this, however, if they hit problems, a report from the European Commission suggests they are unlikely to turn to their parents for assistance.

The research into the Internet habits of 9-10 and 12-14 year-olds claims to show that usage of t'Internet and mobile phones has become extremely commonplace across the kids of Europe.

"In general, they also know the risks of using the Internet and mobile phones. However, when facing trouble online, minors will ask an adult only as a last resort," the Commission said in its' statement.

Because of this, the Commission is recommending the need for a more pro-active stance towards online media education for children at school.

Wow - it took an EC survey to figure that one out? Your tax dollars at work...