Hacker strips DRM technology from Netflix e-movies

A hacker appears to have posted instructions on how to save streamed e-movies from the Netflix Web portal.

Netflix was one of the first movie rental services to move into the secure movie download business at the start of this year, a trend the Blockbuster and others are trialling.

As with BSkyB's Sky Anywhere service, the downloads are heavily protected with DRM (digital rights management) technology, to protect the interests of the movie companies - and stop the bottom falling out of the online movie marketplace.

Software to save so-called steamed-only movies has been around for a few years now and is mainly used by hackers - allegedly - to allow Netters to save Internet porn streams.

How do you know that? -Ed

But saving a DRM-protected video stream is a whole different ballgame, as the DRM protection systems uses on such services are complex to say the least.

I think Netflix will be getting more than a bit annoyed about this one...