- back from the dead RSN?

It seems that reports of the demise of, the popular Russkie music download portal, have been premature, as a Moscow court has ruled that the site does not, as a point of law, infringe any copyright legislation.

According to officials, in fact, the site operated fully within the bounds of Russian law.

Interestingly, the judge in the case has been quoted as saying that portal's operators had paid the correct revenues to the copyright holders.

I'm sure that Western music bodies, including the RIAA, will have a lot to say about the ruling - e.g. very disappointed, some mistake etc etc - but the bottom line is that the site appears to have won its case.

As a result of the ruling, Media Services, the company behind the site, says it is working hard to re-open the portal as quickly as possible.

It can only re-open, it says, when there is a mechanism to allow customers to easily open and top up their online music accounts. The big question, of course, is whether Visa and MasterCard will play ball, now that the site's legality has been verified by the Russian courts...