Say hello to the Intel vPro chipset

Intel has revealed it has developed a next generation business chipset called the vPro

The chipset is actually an amalgam of Intel's existing technology, including the Core 2 Duo processor, chipset and other software elements that go together to form the latest addition to the chip manufacturers' family - the last chip in this family was the Centrino, which was announced four years ago.

A key feature of the vPro platform includes allowing IT managers to remotely turn on and off a desktop PC, even if the hard drive or operating system has been corrupted.

Intel says that vPro could also help companies cut their computer management costs by allowing them to remotely turn on a number of networked PCs that need to receive a software patch

Using this approach, says Intel, means that technicians no longer have to physically visit each PC.

The remote management capabilities, which include repairing a PC with a damaged hard drive, are also being launched on a new generation of wireless notebooks under the Centrino Pro brand.

Sounds interesting - the first vPro and Centrino Pro PCs should be available from Dell and others later this year...