What's next for lounge DVD Recorders?

DVD player shipments have started to decline, while DVD recorder shipments are growing, globally. The DVD player market benefits from versatility in form factors. DVD players can be seen in portable renditions, integrated with VCRs, or in the back seats of SUVs.

While DVD recorders have come down in price, there is still a fairly large difference in the pricing of DVD players and DVD recorders; therefore, each represents a different value proposition.

DVD recorders are evolving into media server devices. In 2006, Ethernet and USB ports became more and more common. Added connectivity means that consumers can aggregate digital pictures, download MP3 files, or transfer old VHS tapes onto DVD discs.

A Research and Market report reviews in detail the technical and market barriers confronting next-generation DVD players. Currently, there is no clear-cut winner in the HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray format war. The outcome of this battle will not only depend on the IC manufacturers and the consumer electronics producers, but also on the attitude of content providers, government support, and digital broadcasting situations in each region.

However, R&M believes that the universal combo player, which plays both HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs, will not be a sustainable solution unless prices decline, as it currently costs more than purchasing two players separately.