China hosting almost 50 per cent of world's malware-infected sites

According to research from Sophos, China - which includes Hong Kong - hosted an astonishing 44.8 per cent of the world's infected Web sites during August.

The IT security firm says that the US ranked a distant second, hosting 20.8 per cent of sites that contain malware.

The bad news is that the number of infected Web pages has also grown, as Sophos says it detected an average of 5,000 new infected pages each day during August.

The problem is not just limited to malware-loaded sites created specifically for the purpose, as Sophos says that hackers are now hijacking Web sites around the world and pointing the URLs at malware-laden sites in China.

Sophos has also warned about a sharp rise in spam pointing people to these infected sites.

Malicious senders, it says, in an attempt to by-pass attachment security, are using messages that direct people to Web sites with malware on them...


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