Don’t ban Facebook: manage access easily

The Trades Union Council (TUC) has urged employers to allow staff to continue to access social networking sites and give workers the chance to continue their social lives from work. Employers have hit back claiming productivity lost to these sites are eating into profits.

Andrew Brown, Technical Manger at SonicWALL is available to explain that this is not an ‘either or’ situation: “Both sides have a point- but controlling access to online content is not the problem that some managers seem to think it is.”

Content Management Solutions (CMS) allow threats to be excluded and web content to be accessed only when desired, for example, limiting access to social networking sites to lunch breaks. It also provides content filtering to ensure that no undesirable content is downloaded to company web sites at any time.

Andrew Brown is available for interview all today and is happy to explain CSM solutions as well as other technologies that improve productivity in the workplace