Privacy plummets in Indian cybercafes

Reports are coming in from India that the government there has finally done something about the rising tide of cybercrime originating from the country's Internet cafes.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Mumbai police have instructed the city's 500-plus Internet caffs to install monitoring software on their PCs, so that police can track back cybercrimes to specific PCs and, hopefully, trace whodunit.

The bad news is that Indian journalist Amit Varma says that the Mumbai police have instructed Internet caffs to install keylogging software on all their machines.

This means, he says, that if you use e-banking service or buy stuff on t'Internet, the chronically underpaid Indian plod will then have your details.

Hmmm - well, my own view is that, if you use Internet caffs for e- banking or buying stuff, you want your head examining.

Mind you, that principle is okay for the UK, where most adults have their own Internet access facilities at home or work. In India, the ballgame could be a lot different...