data leakage a lot worse than originally predicted

News that the theft of contact information from job seekers on the Web site could be a lot worse than previously suspected, comes as little surprise to security experts at Cyber-Ark, data vaulting and encryption specialists.

"It was bad enough that the personal details of tens of thousands of job seekers around the world were compromised when news of's security breach was revealed earlier this month, but with this latest revelation job seekers should now assume that their personal data has been compromised." said Calum Macleod, European director for Cyber-Ark.

"Job seekers should log on to the Web site and print out a copy of their personal information and weigh up the risks that this data may be used in a possible identity theft!” he said. "They should then check a consumer information Web site such as for details on how to check their credit file free of charge," he added.

“The worst part about the data hacking is that it could so easily have been avoided, had the job seeker's Web site encrypted the personal data of its millions of users.” comments Macleod.