US university opens disaster lab and training facilities

Armstrong University in Georgia has become one of the first US universities to open a disaster lab and training facilities for students interested in the subject.

Plans for the undergraduate course are still being formulated, but the classes, which will start in January of next year, are reported to include a number of classified subjects such as counter-terrorism.

One of the course modules reportedly involves operating a simulation of a terrorist attack on an airport in real time, teaching students how to react and effectively counter the attack.

Newswire reports say that the The Cyber Security Research Institute (CSRI) will use the latest technology to simulate natural and man-made disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the attacks of 9/11.

The CSRI also plans to partner with private firms across the US to develop computer security products which will be developed commercially in the future.

For more on the courses, check out the university's Web site here...