A really anonymous MasterCard

Interesting to see The Sun - that last bastion of intellectual journalism - launching a pre-payment MasterCard for its readers.

The card, which can be topped up at Paypoint outlets free of charge until next March, is the result of a joint venture between Tuxedo Money Solutions and the Newcastle Building Society.

The card costs £6.49, with a cashback of £5.00 being rebated to the card when you top it up for the first time.

Not bad, except that the card, in common with other Newcastle Building Society-issued pre-pays, requires users to verify who they are.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a totally anonymous pre-pay debit card?

Well, thanks to IDT Financial Services, you can, as Paypoint outlets have now started selling the IDT Prime pre-pay MasterCard which costs £3.00 to buy and can be loaded with cash when you buy it.

To top the card up again, you have to register the card like almost all other pre-pay debit cards, but if you just buy the card with, say 50 quids-worth of credit, you can use it truly anonymously.

The possibilities with this card - as Eddie Izzard says on the `Recycle' TV ads - are endless...