Formula One gaffe reveals Ferrari and McLaren secrets

Notes from a meeting of the World Motor Sports Council were released recently by the FIA. The document was redacted, as you can see from the example below:

http www sunbelt software com ihs alex fia00123999999 small jpg

However, as F1Fanatic found out, simply copying and pasting the text into another document reveals the redacted text. In this case, I simply copied the text into Word: Nigel TOZZI He was paid around 300 000 to 400 000 pounds per annum.

Is that correct? Apparently, the person responsible for redacting the document simply drew a black box around the sensitive text, not realizing that the underlying text was still available.

I feel a bit sorry for the poor sod who did this. Simply copy-protecting the PDF would have prevented this type of thing from occurring. The PDF (at the time of this posting) is still up, here. I’ve also archived a copy here.