Former Texan student to be sentenced in December for University hack

It seems that Luis Castillo, who was charged with hacking into Texas A&M University's computer network in February of this year, finally admitted to the crime in a Houston court late last week.

Castillo, who graduated from the Uni back in 2006 with a computer science degree, has been convicted of recklessly gaining unauthorised access to the University's domain controller and stealing the NetIDs and passwords of more than 130,000 students and University staffers.

Plans now call for the former student to be sentenced on December 10 this year. He could face up to five years in clink and/or a fine of up to half a million dollars.

According to newswire reports, Castillo has been released on an unsecured bond of $25,000 pending his sentencing.

Hmmm - he must have an understanding bank manager -Ed.