Viglen PC P4 2.8GHz, 512MB, 40GB, Win XP - GBP70 delivered

Seller Doucheface on Ebay is selling a few second hand small form factor Viglen computers for £70 delivered.

You could do a lot worse for that money. First, and that's a real surprise, the computer, a Viglen Genie Executive, comes with an original Windows XP OEM, which is worth at least £50.

Then you will be surprised by the spec of the computer itself.

It sports a rather powerful P4 2.8GHz, a HT model, 512MB memory and a 40GB HDD, all enclosed in a small but attractive white casing.

Not exactly an iMac but still good enough for cash-strapped students. The PC also comes with a floppy disk drive and a DVD ROM Drive.