Ethernet goes Green with D-Link switches

D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumer and business, today launched its unique range of energy-saving Green Ethernet desktop switches. Aimed at home users and small businesses, the switches can deliver significant energy savings of up to 44% of the power typically used by a 5-port Gigabit switch, helping to reduce costs and optimize energy efficiency.

By working with carefully selected chipset manufacturers to develop innovative power-saving technology, D-Link is first to market with Green Ethernet solutions that don’t sacrifice operational performance or functionality.

The switches tap the current zeitgeist for improvements in energy efficiency, which is seeing demand for green products rocketing throughout Europe. The introduction of its Green Ethernet solutions further underscores D-Link’s strategy of developing solutions that position it ahead of competitor offerings, while meeting the performance and functionality demands of the market.

D-Link’s Green Ethernet switches measure when PCs connected to them are turned off and are able to power down into standby mode, saving up to 44% of the power used by each switch. In addition, while most desktop switches use the maximum power necessary to support cable lengths of up to 100m, D-Link research shows that the average home uses only 5-10m of network cable. With this is mind, D-Link’s Green Ethernet solutions uniquely feature the ability to analyse cable lengths, and can adjust power usage for different cable lengths accordingly.

“D-Link’s Green Ethernet solutions are important, for the environment and for our customers.”, said Osbert Ong, D-Link’s European Product Manager: “D-Link recognises the significant market demand for energy efficient networking products and is leading the initiative in making Green Ethernet a reality for the home and SME user. At the same time, larger businesses need to consider their environmental responsibilities. Adopting D-Link’s Green Ethernet solutions will enable them to reduce their carbon footprint, and ensure that D-Link secures a technological and environmental head-start with this market.”

D-Link’s first phase of Green Ethernet products will begin shipping in the UK in Q4 2007. Initially D-Link will focus on delivering the technology across its range of sub-24 port desktop switches, aimed at the home and small business user. In 2008, D-Link will start to transfer the Green Ethernet benefits to managed switches, in particular the xStack range.