Apple iPhone - a warranty, what's that?

Some interesting stories are coming out of the US from peeps who have `upgraded' their Apple iPhones by unlocking their mobiles away from the AT&T network.

Basically, if Apple gets even a hint that punters have upgraded their iPhones using unauthorised software, then the company reportedly won't honour its warranty.

Fortunately for punters, most of the network unlocks being offered/sold in recent weeks have been software-only upgrades, so the effects are reversible if the hardware starts to go wonky.

Myself, I think it's better to install a SuperSIM, a $100 gizmo into which you slide your non-AT&T SIM and which then fools the iPhone into thinking it has an AT&T SIM installed.

As I'd said before, though, when O2 starts shipping the official UK edition of the iPhone in around six weeks time, I think punters will be disappointed on the mobile data front, as even with EDGE technology, the mobile only chugs along at around 100 Kbps.

That's barely enough for mobile Internet applications and certainly not enough oomph for a VPN connection.

Hang around for a 3G version of the iPhone next spring is what I say...