Quicktime cracker discovers serious Adobe PDF flaw

It seems that the cracker who uncovered a potentially serious QuickTime flaw affecting the Firefox Web browser has come up with an equally serious bug in Adobe's PDF system.

According to Petko Petkov's blog, the flaw allows a remote user to gain access to a punter's PC if they open a hacker PDF document.

The slightly good news is that Petkov says he reveal details of the crack until Adobe has released an update for the bug, but some reports suggest that he has released details to other software researchers.

This isn't the first time that flaws have been discovered in Adobe's PDF system, of course, but if newswire reports are to be believed, this could be the most serious, as it involves several versions of the Adobe PDF file creation and reading software.

This isn't altogether surprising, as the Adobe PDF system was designed to be backwards compatible with earlier versions so, in theory, a bug in one version of Adobe PDF could end up affecting all versions, assuming the flaw was at a basic programming level...