£199 Advent U1A Tablet PC bargain

PC World is clearing out the Advent U1A Tablet PC for only £199.97. You will have to chase them down though because not all PC World stores will stock those.

However, if you manage to grab one, you will find yourself staring at an Origami Killer - A more powerful processor, more memory, Windows XP Tablet and much more.

PC World Says "This Advent U1A is the ultimate mobile laptop. It has many specialised features such as Genuine Windows XP (R) Tablet to make it the ideal companion on the move."

Product Features

> Intel Celeron M ULV Processor

> 900MHz, 400MHz FSB, 512KB Cache

> Genuine Windows XP Tablet

> 512MB RAM

> 30GB Hard Drive

> 7" Widescreen Display

> 7" Touchscreen Widescreen Display

> 128MB Intel UMA 950 Shared Graphics

> Wireless Enabled

> Upto 2 hours Battery Life

> 1.08kg Weight