Phishing email claims to be 'Verified By Visa'

In an interesting twist to the phishing email scam, I gather that a scamster is sending out messages claiming that Netters' Visa cards need to be activated under the Verified by Visa program.

The scam emails can easily be spotted, however, as they refer to the users' Bank of America Visa card - which most Brits do not have.

As most readers of this column will already know, Terrified by Visa is a new service designed to add an extra layer of security to online transactions.

And as you might have guessed, anyone responding to this new type of phishing email doesn't end up being part of the program - they are giving their card details, and a whole lot more, to the scamster.

Incredibly, the return address on the email is, although this email address - surprise, surprise - routes to a pirate site.

You have been warned...