Roll back that iPhone dude

Hard on the heels of Apple updating the firmware for its iPhones last week - which means that the majority of iPhones supplied since last Friday cannot officially be unlocked - reports are coming in that crackers are busy posting instructions on how to roll back the firmware and then unlock the beastie.

The latest forum instructions allow users to roll back their 1.1.1 firmware upgrades and use functions such as the mobile's iPod and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Unlocking the upgraded firmware iPhone to make voice calls, however, is still verboten, as the baseband chip - which allows voice calls to be made - cannot be rolled back.

As of Wednesday night, there were some unconfirmed reports that hacking the baseband chip had been successful, but several forum posters said they could not verify the process.

As Steve Jobs said the other week - it's a cat and mouse game...