And now - the iPhone turns into a mobile hacker toolkit

I was immensely amused to see that Apple's claim that its 1.1.1. update to the iPhone's firmware will scupper the current unlocking procedures seems to have back-fired on the company.

As well as triggering a raft of how-to unlock files on t'Internet, several serious coders have hunkered down and started releasing how-to darkware guides for the iPhone.

HD Moore, a well known security researcher, seems to have joined this bandwagon by releasing shell code for the smart phone and instructions on how to use it as a portable hacking platform.

Alongside his shell code, Moore claims to have discovered serious security issues on the iPhone, such as the fact that each process running on the iPhone runs with full root privileges.

The bottom line to this, says Moore, is that a security flaw in any iPhone application - even the calculator - can allow remote hacker access to the entire iPhone operation.

As Moore puts it: "a rootkit takes on a whole new meaning when the attacker has access to the camera, microphone, contact list and phone hardware."

"Couple this with 'always-on' Internet access over EDGE and you have a perfect spying device," he explained.

You can read more on this fascinating subject here...


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