Chaos Computer Club congress this December

Just got a final call for papers from Germany's Chaos Computer Club Congress over the weekend - not that I got the original call, of course, but...

This year's Chaos Computer Club Congress takes place in Berlin on the 27/30 December and speakers/presenters are reminded (it says here) that paper outlines must be submitted by October 12, this Friday.

This year's theme is Volldampf Voraus - which translates as Full Steam Ahead if my Kinder Deutsch is correct.

This year's congress is unusual in having a new seminar category called `Making,' which seeks to be about making and breaking new technologies and services - in fact, all the wonderful stuff you can create in your basement or garage.

The club says it is interested in receiving submissions dealing with the latest in electronics, 3D-fabrication, climate-change survival technology, robots and drones, steam machines, alternative transportation tools and guerrilla-style knitting.

Guerilla-style knitting? There must be a translation loss -Ed.

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