ADSL technology still leads Broadband pack

Point Topic's latest broadband research paper shows that 313 million computers are happily connected to the internet via broadband.

Nearly a third of them are using a form of Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL, SDSL etc) while slightly more than a fifth were on cable with Fiber (also known as FTTx) accounted for almost one in nine connections.

All regions are up with Western Europe and Northern America accounting for nearly half of all worldwide broadband connection. However, all broadband are not created equal.

In Mauritius for example, ADSL speeds starts at 128Kbps while Korea and many South East Asian countries (like Hongkong), users are offered speeds that can go up to 1Gbps.

Wireless technologies like WiMax are also catching up and with the likes of Google and Verizon competing for Wireless Spectrum in the United States, one can expect not only an increase in the number of overall broadband connections but also a substantial boost in the ratio of broadband lines per subscriber, especially in the Western world.