Ebay jumps into Social networking, launches Neighborhoods

Techcrunch, Foxnews and The Associated Press agency are amongst those reporting that Ebay has launched a slew of micro-social networks (600 of them), all on a sub-site called Ebay Neighborhoods (Note the the American spelling).

You can use your Ebay login to join Neighborhoods and find more "neighbors". According to AP, Ebay neighborhoods (EN) is aimed at improving Ebay's recent lacklustre performance as the Auction giant loses steam and revenues.

EN is visually similar to many other social networking websites and pools together the whatever information is available from you on Ebay to create your perfect neighborhood in the hope that the users will stick around and use the site more.

The service is US only for the time being, although UK registered users can access it. Neighborhood is the latest in a number of improvements that Ebay has done to improve the overall user friendliness of its website.

Last year, it introduced Myworld which provided details of an Ebay user on one easy-to-read page, and has also introduced more subtle changes like a much needed web 2.0 front end and speedier page loading.