Onboard Linux marks new Era in World of Tech

With mainstream Operating Systems (lilke Windows Vista) increasingly putting on weight and boot times, it is refreshing to see that some are heading the opposite way.

Hardware giant Asustek is partnering with a Californian-based Startup called DeviceVM to produce an instant-on Linux desktop feature with a nice moniker - Express Gate.

This feature allows you to choose between jumping into the Windows environment or chose a lightweight desktop environment within seconds.

While lightweight Operating systems have been around for a long time, it is the first time that a Tier-1 hardware manufacturer is integrating this feature in one of its products (namely motherboards).

What that means for users is that the grip that Microsoft and Windows had on the desktop seems to be waning, at least in the consumer market, which augurs of increased competition and hopefully more choice and cheaper prices.

Intriguingly, Asus is just about to release its brand new laptop, which, surprise, surprise, is Linux-powered.

Another interesting point is that Splashtop, the company behind DeviceVM, is backed by several major PC manufacturers including the PAGE consortium (Acer/Gateway/eMachines/Packard Bell), Intel, Lenovo, Mitac, Foxconn, Quanta and Compal.