0.4 Tbps "Internet 2.5" to be tested in 2009

AP reports via Yahoo that the already fast Internet2 is getting an immediate 10 times boost with an expected 40x increase in speed expected within 18 months.

At 400 Gbps, this "Internet 2.5" link maintanined by Level 3 communications Inc will allow the Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research will allow physicists and researchers to trasmit data 20,000 times faster than your average 2Mb ADSL broadband.

At such speeds, you could download the content of a Blu Ray High Definition Disc in 1 second compared to several days on your bog standard line.

The original Internet (AKA ARPANET), was originally conceived as a way to allow general communication amongst the US Scientific community and the technology behind Internet2.5 is expected to percolate through to the consumer within a decade, if not faster.