Get £300 off a LG 32-inch LCD screen

According to an advert in Today's Sun, Currys is partnering with Virgin Media to offer to new subscribers a stonking deal - A 32-inch LCD screen for £199.99. (And Quidco) users could be Quids in if they can collect cashback from both Virgin and Currys.

The Virgin/Currys deal stipulates that you have to sign up to Virgin Media for 24 months on their 3 services for £30 deal (broadband, telly, phone) in order to get that £300 discount.

It looks as if Dixons, which is behind the Currys brand, has been satistied with their recent broadband deal with Orange (which also gave £300 to new broadband customers).

Interestingly, it also provides us with an idea of how much Virgin Media puts the retention costs at - somewhere between £200 and £300 per customer.

The deal though is only valid for new cabled customers. Others won't be as lucky. 2 for £20 customers will grab only a £100 discount.

Both Virgin and Currys have yet to update their websites to reflect the advert displayed.