Security Data Visualization Book

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Greg Conti wrote a book on security data visualization. It’s all in color. A really nice book. The best parts about the book are the chapters on IDS signature tuning and firewall log analysis.

I am just saying that because I wrote those two chapters

He beat me to the punch with publishing a book on security data visualization. That’s all I can say.

I hope that I am done with my book soon. Fortunately, I knew about this book early on so I could make sure that we are not writing about the same topics.

My book is going to be fairly different. I am diving quite a bit deeper into some visualization topics around security.

I am focusing on use-cases. How do you use visualization for compliance, insider threat, and perimeter threat. What are some of the tools out there, what are the data sources, and what are the different types of graphs you should know and understand when you are visualizing security data.

Thanks to Greg for letting me write part of his book!


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