Demand for thin clients boosted by Green credentials

Vnunet reports that the IT industry is warming up to the prospect of using more Thin Clients.

Manufacturers like Wyse have already registered an increase in orders during the past 24 months and this looks to be the norm rather than an exception.

The combination of several factors explain why Thin Clients are coming back with a vengeance nearly a decade ago after Larry Ellison tried unsuccessfully to champion the idea that traditional desktop systems are bloated and stay idle most of the time.

Thin clients are inherently more economical in terms of energy consumption. One desktop PC can consume as much as ten thin clients.

Recycling them is also easier while their refresh cycle is much longer owing to the fact that it is the back end (servers et al) that will take the brunt of upgrade cycles.

On top of that Thin Clients are easier to maintain and to secure, thanks to their centralised structure, coupled with the fact that they are often hermetic; preventing employees downloading music from their iPods from example.