Holonyx open-sources RESTORE Backup and Recovery Software

Holonyx Inc. has released RESTORE, a Linux-based enterprise network backup and recovery solution for Windows, Novell NetWare, Mac OS X, Unix and Linux systems.

RESTORE is scalable to a complete backup solution for multiple workstations and servers in distributed network environments and is being released as an open source project.

"RESTORE delivers powerful administration, ease of use, and scalability to meet your backup and recovery needs today and grow with you to meet tomorrow's requirements," said Garret Acott, President of Holonyx.

RESTORE provides scheduled backups as well as the capability to back up computers in multiple physical locations. In addition, no client agent is required for RESTORE; the systems being backed up need only grant RESTORE secured access.

RESTORE also offers a unique feature to hosting providers - the ability to resell backup services along with their current web hosting services.

Using RESTORE, resellers of the hosting provider can offer backup of local PC's or servers along with web hosting to their end-user customers.

End-users will also be able to restore the files of their hosted websites should local copies become lost or damaged, and be able to select from multiple versions backed up at different points in time.

Both of these backup and restore capabilities offer the hosting provider and resellers new revenue opportunities in addition to basic hosting and e-mail functionality they offer now.

Holonyx is placing RESTORE into the open source community and download packages are available at Sourceforge.

Holonyx Ruffdogs technology division has long been a major player in the open source community and has contributed to numerous open source projects including SME Server, guilinux and MyPHPNuke.

Some of the features of RESTORE include:
* Browser-based - Access your RESTORE system remotely from anywhere using the Internet. This allows users and administrators to run backups or check status at any time.
* Heterogeneous Operating System Backup - Backup Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows (95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, Vista) and Novell NetWare.
* Multiple Revisions - Restore from selected backups made at different points in time.
* Incremental Backup - RESTORE will backup only the files that have been modified since the previous backup took place, optimizing disk space and bandwidth usage.
* Security - Set up what you want your users and groups to access.
* User-initiated restore - Users can restore their own files without IT involvement.
* Access Backups via WebDAV- RESTORE provides a secure environment for accessing files through WebDav.
* FTP Sites - Allows your company to backup websites and online storage.
* Error Reporting and Notification - RESTORE will email the administrator and users of successful and failed backups.
* MySQL support - Backup MySQL databases.