Microsoft beefing up Skydrive storage features, adds Live Events

Microsoft has announced that they are going to double their online storage service capacity to 1GB.

Windows Live Skydrive is also going to get RSS feeds to inform whoever is subscribed that new files have been uploaded as well as sharing with anyone directly from SkyDrive simply by typing in the recipient's email address.

In other news, Microsoft is getting ready to launch Windows Live events which Jay Fluegel, a Group Product Microsoft for Windows Live described as a social-event planning service (SEPS).

Live Events appears to be more feature ladden than Google Calendar, with which it competes as it allows skinning, rich text and integrates with MSN Spaces.

With Live Events, Spaces and Live Calendar, the software giant will finally have the tools to take on Google, Yahoo and Facebook when it comes to providing "social network" friendly features.

Bucking the trend established by Web 2.0 startups, Microsoft has decided to bypass any alpha or beta stage and release its SEPS worldwide.