RIAA gets a guilty verdict in Jammie Thomas case

Despite my earlier comments about the legal issues surrounding the RIAA jury trial case against online file-sharer Jammie Thomas, it seems that the Association has won the case.

Thomas, a single American Indian mother who earns just $36,000 a year, has been ordered to pay the RIAA the astonishing sum of $222,000 in compensation.

The case could turn into something of a pyrrhic victory for the RIAA, as the US media is already talking about it being a public relations disaster.

Why? Well by my calculation this lady falls into at least five demographically challenged categories in the US - she's a single mum, poor, from an ethnic background - etc., etc.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Ms Thomas is not planning on appealing, as she simply can't afford to.

She will probably file for bankruptcy and the RIAA will get a top reputation for being a right old set of **&%^&*&!

As Douglas Hurd once said - you make something illegal, but successfully prosecuting the case and winning the public over as a result, is an entirely different matter...