Crisp Thinking short listed for social contribution award

Adam Hildreth, founder of the Leeds-based online child protection technology company, Crisp Thinking, has been short listed for a social contribution award by the respected British Computer Society.

The development of Crisp Thinking’s Anti-Grooming Engine (AGE), which tracks online conversations to protect young people from potential abuse, has earned 22-year-old Adam a finalists’ berth in the national IT Industry Awards.

The Social Contribution Project Award recognises individuals and organisations that are using IT to benefit society or communities. Winners will be announced at a gala dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on 6 December.

Adam’s technology monitors developing online relationships and looks for the underlying patterns groomers use to manipulate young people.

It has been trained to look for all elements of online grooming and creates a ‘digital fingerprint’ that is matched to known good and bad online relationships, which are stored in its programming.

AGE is constantly being taught to look for new patterns, which means the more people use it, the better and more effective it becomes.

Part of AGE’s strength in identifying grooming conversations is its ability to monitor writing styles to catch adults posing as young people in online conversations.

Any conversation that triggers AGE’s threat warning system is highlighted to parents and young people via email or text message.

The British Computer Society IT Industry awards are the leading hallmark of success amongst practitioners in the IT industry today.

As standards of sophistication, business acumen and skill in the IT world are continually developing, the role of IT and its effective management is critical across the whole spectrum of business.

These cross-industry awards recognise, promote and acclaim excellence, professionalism, innovation and the outstanding achievements to which individuals and groups contribute.

Adam Hildreth said: “I am very pleased to be short listed for such a prestigious award. In an industry that is continuously creating technology to make life easier and the world more accessible, AGE is an example of the sector looking in on itself to provide safe and more responsible access for people using some of that technology.

“AGE demonstrates how the IT industry is looking responsibly at the opportunities it is creating. The Internet has opened up the world to a global population; however it is important to allow safe access to its opportunities and information.”

Anna Duckworth BCS Head of Corporate Marketing said: “Year on year the standard of entries increases and this year is no exception with innovative projects which showcase excellence in IT. The next stage of judging will be very difficult as our expert panel endeavours to select the outright winners for each award.”