Hitachi announces 4TB drive for 2011

The Japanese giant has announced that it has shrunk the read-write head of a hard drive to 30-50 nanometer, which is up to 2000 times smaller than the average cross section of the human hair.

The technology called, Current Perpendicular-to-the-plane Giant Magnetoresistive (CPP-GMR) heads is expected to be shipped in products as early as 2009.

The company predicts that it will able to ship desktop drives of up to 4TB and one TB for notebook hard drives.

Hitachi, though its HGST subsidiary. has delivered the 1TB Deskstar 7K1000 which was the first available on the market.

The proposed 4TB drive will be able to store up to one million MP3 files and roughly 1000 DVD quality movies.