Chinese enjoy 50x P2P technology

Kaiser Kuo, director of digital strategy in China for Ogilvy, has mentioned, a start-up specialised in high speed P2P technology, in one interview on Thomas Crampton's website.

Kuo claims that the technology behind blin is 50 times faster than BitTorrent's own P2P and that he started watching the season 6 of hit series "24" only after 3 minutes (and 2.2% downloaded) (ed. We will see whether RIAA goes after him for publicly admitting committing piracy).

The reason why Blin is so quick lies in the fact that it aggressively grabs bandwidth. This means though that it might cause some issues in areas with high contention ratios.

Kuo was also adamant to support the idea that artificial market restrictions in many capitalist countries (read US of A and Europe) are actually hindering innovation.