Email Systems Launches True End-to-End Encryption

Email Systems has launched a new version of its encryption service, which takes over from TLS encryption as a leading-edge solution, and is now available for customers as a stand-alone package.

Whereas TLS provides a secure encrypted channel over the internet, the latest service allows each mail to be sent fully encrypted via a public/private key (PKI) system.

Until now, Public/Private key encryption has been impractical on a broad scale. However, Email Systems has created a sophisticated algorithm to allow the recipient of an email which has been encrypted using a public key to securely obtain a private key and decrypt the message on receipt. By solving the problems associated with PKI distribution, Email Systems is again the first major email managed service provider to offer this technology.

Consequently, users of the new Encryption system are able to generate encrypted messages to be sent to multiple recipients with the assurance that the message will be secure yet readable by the intended recipients.

Email Systems offers two versions of its patent-pending Zero Install technology: Private Post Desktop and Private Post Gateway, which are interoperable and can be used independently or together.

Private Post Desktop has zero infrastructure cost, is implemented in less than a minute by an untrained user, and requires nothing more than a single click to use. Each time a user sends an email they decide whether to send it as an unencrypted postcard style email or whether to use Private Post to lock the message in the equivalent of a sealed envelope. Private Post Desktop takes encryption to the end user, right to the point where confidential and sensitive corporate information resides in this wireless age of electronic communication and always-on mobile employees. This is also where corporate data is most at risk, however inadvertently.

Private Post Gateway puts encryption and decryption at the boundary of the corporate network and is supplied as turnkey software for installation onto hardware from your favourite vendor. It can be deployed adjacent to an existing compliance engine which decides on the messages to be passed to Private Post Gateway for encryption. Alternatively, it can be deployed in the SMTP mail path where the inbuilt rules engine makes encryption decisions.

The services are available on a per-user licence to send encrypted messages, whilst no licence is required to decrypt.

Neil Hammerton, CEO of Email Systems, commented “Encryption is a growing concern for many businesses. Not only those in highly sensitive environments – such as the legal sector or enterprises submitting sensitive data – but increasingly, the broader community of email users. With so much Intellectual Property being transmitted via insecure email and data theft now an unfortunate reality, the availability of cost-effective, genuine encryption available on a mass scale could well be the catalyst for broad-scale adoption across the market."